International voting

About the vote
About the vote

In the framework of the talent competition program of the NENESZ Association, it launched international voting in 2018 for FICE member organizations. We are expecting videos that show the productions of disadvantaged children in the given country. Up to 5 videos (links) can be submitted from each country. Video categories are: - singing, - dancing, - instrument, poem and prose, or other arts (e.g. rap, small plays). The original idea of international voting came from Nenesz. In organizing tasks, NENESZ’s greatest support is Dr. Phil. Anna Katharina Schmid (FICE Switzerland).
Deadline for voting:

Votes will be received until midnight (CET) 13 December 2018.
We will issue an international qualification certificate for the winner and prize winners.
We plan to launch new polls each year!
We wish you a pleasant time watching the entries and to voting!


- Encouraging and motivating young people to develop self-expression
- Helping talented children to reach their goals
- Ensuring the possibility of joining NENESZ's talent-management program
- Strengthening equal opportunities and social tolerance
- Prevention of crime and drug use, as well as useful recreation


Click on the flags below to see videos from each country.
Below the video window you will find the "Enter to vote" button, by clicking on it, a window will pop up where you can register and/or login.
If you do not already have a registration, you can do this by entering general information and password.
Voting is restricted for registrated users.


More info:

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