About us

The International Federation of Educational Communities for the Children of Hungary has been registered by the Municipal Court of Budapest on 15 September 2015. On August 21, 2016, NENESZ Association joined FICE International, by unanimously vote. In accordance with Hungary’s Constitution and the New York Convention on the Rights of the Child, signed on November 20, 1989, NENESZ supports the creation of equal opportunities for disadvantaged children and young adults living in Hungary and beyond its borders. Founding members of the association are professionals who have been in charge of leadership, professional management of children groups and children’s education for many years, and are committed to child protection. Their main activity is to educate children about healthy life and to develop their talents. Their innovative work, have created an association that, in line with the principles and objectives of FICE International, develop the professional achievements through international collaboration.

Basic datas

Name of organization: Nevelőközösségek Nemzetközi Szövetsége a Magyar Gyermekekért Short name: NENESZ Address: H-2119 Pécel, Szondi utca 94.  Bank: Unicredit 10918001-00000091-13760012 Phone: +36 30 251 0601 E-mail: nenesz@nenesz.hu President: Edina Szántó


NENESZ's goals include:

– child protection

– equal opportunities

– organizing programs (sports, culture, talent management, vocational training)

– social responsibility



Members of the Presidency:

Szántó Edina Anna
Edina Anna Szántó regards herself as a great teacher with a special focus on religious education and spiritual care that can help to value relationships and to solve relationship crises. She is a great beleiver that children should spend their free time effectively, such as attentinding cultural events. In order to do so she has organized a number of national cultural programs for children and families in social care systems. Years ago, she dreamed of and then implemented the cultural and leisure program series "Remembering in March". As an economist, she has written many academic studies according to professional training.
Gősi Tamás
Vice president
Tamás Gősi has been, for many years, sponsoring as a private person organizations and programs to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged people. In the context of child protection, he has worked in almost every field - from child-care to a nationwide organizer. He has excellent contacts with renowned domestic and foreign associations in the field of sport. As an economist, he recognized the utmost importance that the people of the private sectors be included in the everyday life of the social sphere as donors and volunteers.
dr. Herczeg Krisztián
dr. Herczeg Krisztián
Member of the Board
dr. Krisztián Herczeg, as a lawyer, considers the rights of a child his priority in his work. In the recent years through the "Varázscsepp Talent Competition" his name has been associated with talentmanagement programs, and not only in Hungary. As a children’s home director he has been fighting for years against discrimination. He is an excellent example as a father of four children. Furthermore he works very hard on the integration and acceptence of children/young adults living in institutions and/or with foster parents, and for them to be able to find themselfes in this society.
Szedlacsek Annamária
Honorary Presidency Member
Annamária Szedlacsek has supported the disadvantaged children and families since she was a child herself. As an entrepreneur, she has provided many, very valuable donations to those who are in need. She has been actively involved in the work of NENESZ as the initiator and coordinator of many projects.
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